Director & Script

Artistic Curriculum Vitae

Holger Mandel was born in Berlin and shot his first film „Der Tod von Halpin Frayser“ (The Death of Halpin Frayser) in 1984.
Since then he has been an author and director.
The most important of his films include „Der Richter und der Teufel“ (The Judge and the Devil), 1989, „Eine Regieeignungsprüfung an der HFF Babelsberg“, 1990/92, Szamota’s Mistress, 1998-2000, Ultima Thule, 1999-2001 and The Depths of the human Soul, 2002.
The implicit wish to produce and stage, independently, his own films led to the foundation of the production company mandelfilm in 1998.
As director he received many commissions including, in 2008, directing the teaser for the feature film project „The Last Witness“ by the company Tele 1 Media from Zurich.
Further, he worked as researcher and 2nd director’s assistant on the Armin Mueller-Stahl film Conversation with the Beast(1996).
As actor, as well as acting in his own film, „Szamota’s Mistress“, he worked in films under other directors including, Krzysztof Honowski‘s short film „Henry Gets Cut“, 2010,  in the short films of the series „The Haunted Office“ and „The Contract“ from the german Deutsche Welle network as well as in the shortfilm, „In die Tüte gedacht“ (Thought In the Bag), by Boris Jöns.

Other Activities: In 1994 he was one of the co-founders of the „Schaubühne Lindenfels“ in Leipzig, which he directed the cinema program until 1996. These Theatre Cinema was awarded by the federal interior ministry in 1996 for the „Best Film Program of an Independent Cinema 1995“ and the „Best Film Program to celebrate the Centenary of Cinema 1995“.

He is currently developing The Art of Dreaming True a cinema melodrama about the tragic fate of young lovers.
The script was written in collaboration with the author Tilman Janus.