Director & Script

Ultima Thule

Brief Synopsis:
„Ultima Thule‟ (Latin) means „The Last Place‟. To the ancient Romans it meant ,The Edge of the World’.”

The station-master Roman, feeling he is nearing the end of his life, recalls his deceased friend Joszt and thinks about the rumours concerning him and the railway station Ultima Thule. The inhabitants of the surrounding mountains believed Joszt was able to predict death.

Roman only now begins to understand the truth of these rumours. The Ultima Thule station has a mysterious influence on human beings.

Inspired by a classic novela of the greatest author of fantastic fiction in the Polish language Stefan Grabinski (1887-1936). (from his collection “The Motion Demon” in 1919.)

35mm; Colour; 1:1,85; Dolby SRD; 19 min 44 sec (540 meters); Germany 1999 – 2002

Script: Holger Mandel, Marc Meyer (adviser), inspired by Stefan Grabinski
Director: Holger Mandel
Music: Hermann Beesten jr.
Producer: Holger Mandel, Juri Maric
Cinematographer: Peter Polsak
Editor: Dietrich Toellner
Art Director: Felicitas Schnatmann
Costumes: Martin Stauch and Filmstudio in Wroclaw (Poland)
Make-up artist: Claudia Wolf, Manuel Cortez
Sound recordist: Wolfgang Schmidt, Ingo Reiter
Sound mixer: Chris Müller
Matte Painting: Katja Straub, Anna Lamprecht, FuturEffectS

Matias Bleckman (Roman), Adolfo Assor (Joszt), Falko Freitag (Roman‟s Deputy), Bodo Goldbeck (Glodzik), Tom Ryser (Joszt‟s Deputy), Yvonne Johna (Maja) a.o.

Recommended by the “German Board of  Film Recommendation” in 2002.

Festivals (selection):
2002 14. Filmfest Dresden (Germany)
2002 50. Film Festival Internazionale Montagna Esplorazione Trento (Italy)
2002 7th International Short Film Festival of the Iranian Young Cinema Society (Iran)
2003 4. Landshuter Kurzfilmfest, Jury Cash Prize (Germany)
2006 3. Neißefilmfest in Zittau (Germany)
2007 Festival Cinerail Paris (France)
2008 20. Dresdener Filmfest (Germany)
2008 6. Tegernsee International Mountain Filmfestival (Germany)
2009 Opening Film 9. Independent Days Karlsruhe (Germany)

“13th Street” channel – Shocking Shorts Award Runner-Up
Jury Cash Prize of the 4. Landshuter Kurz-Filmfest (Germany)

June and August 2002 – licensed by the mystery channel Universal “13th Street” for any screenings
since 2006 licensed by the german tv-channel MDR for any screenings

Generously supported by:
Dr. Joachim Mandel,
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung,
Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst,
Deutsche Draisinen Sammlung Bad Nauheim

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