Director & Script

The Depths of the human Soul

Brief Synopsis:
A woman, her lover, her husband and … that guy behind the trie.

Digi Beta (shot in Mini-DV); b/w (tinted); 1:1,37; Dolby SRD; 5:20 min.; Germany 2002

Script: Holger Mandel
Director: Holger Mandel
Music: Jeshe (Frank Otto) and Bernt Köhler-Adams (Track 39-42 of “TRIP”)
Producer: Holger Mandel
Cinematographer and digital post-production: Ralf H. Schlotter
Editor: Katrin Reichwald
Make-up artist: Thomas Bensch
Assistant of the Cinematographer and Gaffer: Sandra Glaser
Assistant Director, Unit Manager, Continuity: Anja Däbritz
Assistant, Catering, Driver: Stephan Hilpert
Production Design: Brigitte Groß (Castle in Wrodow)
Costumes from: Requisiten- und Kostümfundus MedienFabrik Adlershof, Kostümstudio Studio Babelsberg, Kostümfundus “Atrium”

Johanna Schütze (the Woman), Falko Freitag (the Husband), Rene Schobeß (the Lover), Bodo Goldbeck (the Victim)

Festivals (selection):
2003 LA International Short Film Festival (USA)
2003 Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia (Spain)
2003 shorts-welcome Internetfestival (Germany)

“The Depths of the human Soul” is a part of „TRIP Remix your Experience“, a music/video project by Frank Otto and Bernt Köhler-Adams, produced by filmlounge GmbH.

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